I am currently not doing whole home design because of the work and creative efforts going into designing and decorating our forever home at the lake.  However, I am still doing my favorite decorating treatment that makes the biggest impact on a room or home… Window Treatments!!

Services- I love window treatments.  To me, they dress a room and make it pop!  Without them, your home is not finished.  In today’s world, you can get help from Pinterest, and a myriad of sources not available in the past to decorate your home.  But the thing that falls short in my opinion is drape panels.  Ready made such as Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware are rather expensive for what they are.  For just a little bit more money, depending on your fabric choices, you can have custom window treatments and pillows or tablecloths that go with them or compliment the drapes.  It is such a game changer.  So that is my service.

My fee is $250 to do a consultation in your home.  Then I will give you options as to the fabrics and type of window treatments needed.  It is that simple.  Then one of my workrooms will produce the drapes.  Hardware will be chosen depending on the room, and then an installer will come and install your drapes.  You will know how much it will cost before we go forward.

Please feel free to contact me if you are in the Atlanta area.  I have done work in Birmingham and Chattanooga.  If I have to travel, I charge gas fees.  I know you will be thrilled!  They truly make the difference in a beautiful room!