Palm House

Palm House is the name of our new soon to be designed and built home on Lake Lanier in Georgia.

Why Palm House?  The Palm Tree has long been admired by me, and I have used them in decor forever!  We lived in Naples, Florida and there you can really fall in love with palms.  There are an abundance of beautiful species there.

The Palm is also a symbol in Christianity.  Palm Sunday signifies the first day of the solemn Holy Week in which Jesus rode into Jerusalem and His worshipers placed palms in His path as a sign of honoring Him.  A beautiful symbol of loving and worshipping  Christ- a powerful vision.

The palm has another symbolic meaning for my husband Chris and me.  You see, we are a blended family, each of us having our own two children when we first met in 2003.  And we have survived, becoming stronger and wiser with the journey.  Palms withstand hurricane force winds when larger, more majestic trees fall to the ground.  Yet a palm can bend down and touch the ground, withstanding the forces of the devastating storms… and in the same way, Chris and I have navigated the winds and storms that come with being a blended family and stand strong together, being wiser and more resilient through the journey.  So you see, the home represents so much to us- our first home built together.  Our Family Home.  A Tradition that will continue in our family, hopefully for generations!  Join me as we sojourn from the beginning of designing this home to building it to the final day we can walk through it… together.  I’ll bring the sweet tea!!