About Leslie

Living stylishly and loving your life.

Hi there, welcome to The Grove Lifestyle! My name is Leslie, and I am so glad you are along for this journey… I am married to a fantastic man, Chris, and together we have four amazing grown kids. We are planning our final home in Georgia, on a lake named Lanier after the poet Sydney Lanier, whose works include The Marshes of Glenn (1878) and Sunrise (1881).

My family and I are blessed with fun, love and the opportunity to live The Grove Lifestyle!

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for houses, interiors and what makes life special, even memorable while in them. This has led me to develop a small business decorating homes for a few clients at a time.

This final home for our retirement years is a culmination of living in varying homes over the past 60+ years and developing a fierce desire to bring to life that special place that sings to my heart when I walk through the doors. We have hired the architect of our dreams, C Brandon Ingram, and by his side we will walk down this path of creating and building our dream home from the ground up! Low Country Style is the theme, but who knows where the winds of creation will blow– I invite you to follow along with me as I make decisions both big and small to arrive at that place we ultimately call home sweet home!