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Drab to Fab Girl’s Room Before and After Part 1

A very sweet family asked me to makeover the 4 kid’s rooms of their newly bought but somewhat aged home.  When I met them, and started to get to know their personalities, it became a true labor of love for me.  I believe, as a decorator, I really owe it to my clients to figure them out, what makes them happy, what their favorite colors are, what speaks to them as far as artwork, style, and spacial values.  Yes, I meant spacial and not special, although they are most often very special people to me!  In the case of these sisters, both wanted pink, but one wanted pink and gold, the other pink and gray.  So we will show you the pink and gold first.  Really excited how this one turned out.  My young client was too!

Welcome to the youngest daughter’s room.  It already had big heavy drapes that were an off-white linen fabric with trim on the interior edges.  They had seen their better days for sure!  Here is a picture or two of the room.  It seriously needed a fresh coat of paint too…

Now those are really nice drapes… back in their day, but they had been pulled on so hard the trim was coming off, and also all that “beige” was doing nothing for the white shiplap walls, and they needed to stay white, don’t you think?

And as you can see, the walls had been pretty dinged up by the previous owner.  In my real estate days, I would have had the homeowner repaint something this nail holed!

Now you can start to get the idea… it wasn’t a room to get excited about or bring friends home to show off your pretty bed!

Also the scale of the little lamp was off.  Scale is so important to remember in decorating/styling.  In my humble opinion, go big or go home-  Yes, my motto actually!

And this cute little dresser was all alone on this big white wall.  I have just the idea to brighten up this space and make it pop!

Sooooo let’s take a peek at the ‘after’ photos, via the lens of my iPhone.  Sorry, but I couldn’t get a photographer in to shoot the rooms the day we finished, and I can’t nail the kids down to clean up enough to shoot.  You know what I mean, you parents out there!


First things first, a gorgeous but not ‘break the bank’ chandelier.  Because every little girl should feel like a princess coming home to her glamour castle, don’t you think?

Also, I put two cool parrot lamps by Couture on the dresser to give it more oomph!  A round mirror, a tray with some lovelies on it, and some very cool artwork from one of my favorite sources to finish off this wall space.

The parrot lamp up close- it has a turquoise interior on the lamp shade for a pop of color to the otherwise pink, gold and white room.  I carried the turquoise in several places.  Generally the rule of thumb is 3’s.

I added a very fluffy white shag rug, big enough to warm up all those hardwoods and make a comfy place to land her feet in the chilly Atlanta mornings.  I also added a larger scale lamp which I bought and added gold paint to to make it pop!

Here you can see the pillow shams.  they are the same Schumacher fabric I used for the drapes.  It is a gorgeous pink and gold print which I showed my little client and after that, game over!  They know what they want at a young age sometimes!

Here is the lamp up close.  It had been a more brown color to start with as you can see here.  A little gold paint made it really look lovely!

A little paint and DIY work can make almost any ordinary decor better, I believe…

Here again you can see the turquoise color carried over.  Our young girl loves swimming in the pool, so the photo was apropos I thought.

The lit art says ‘believe’.  I found it at Restoration Hardware.  I loved it when I saw it.  And it can serve as a sweet nightlight if needed.

You can see on the dresser a glass bowl of gold seashells.  These were another little DIY labor of love for my special little client.  She loves all things beach, so I hunted these up at our beach home and voila, art in the form of nature!  I love it!

And a pop of greenery in the corner is just what the room needed to make it feel vibrant, warm and airy.  I do love me some trees and plants.  In this case it is a very good faux, because I couldn’t expect my young client to keep a tree alive!  haha that would be asking a lot!

As you can see here, I moved the bench that had been at the end of her bed and placed it in front of the window where the desk had been.  A soft fur throw on it adds some lux.  The ceiling I had my painter tone down from a bright bubble gum pink to a soft effervescent pink. I also had him paint the tray molding white instead of the pink as seen earlier.  It was too much heavy pink at the ceiling level and make your eye go up to check it out instead of resting on the beauty of the room.

Here you can see the before photo of the ceiling painted too pink.  And the ceiling fan with the light kit and pulls hanging down were not very attractive!

I will leave you with our inspiration photo.  I don’t know the source of it, and if you do please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for coming along for a visit to this room I am very pleased with, and I can say I am the proud recipient of a big hug from its owner!

Stay tuned for the pink and gray bedroom transformation!

Ciao for now,



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