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Finding the Perfect Architect



Picking an architect is like, well, picking out the perfect wedding dress- you just know it when it happens!  You see lots of great ones that would make your perfect day even more perfect, but then one of them stops you in your tracks!  Can even make you cry, and that is just what I did when I saw my daughter in her perfect dress after she had tried on several.   Well, I had a similar moment when I found our architect.  I will admit I didn’t cry tears, but I did get goosebumps and a tingly feeling like “this guy knows me perfectly.”  “This guy is reading my mind right now.”  And so it was in finding C. Brandon Ingram with his own firm of the same name.  And do you know how I came to find him?  Not a referral, though that would have been fine.  But no, I found him perusing Instagram, the social media giant which I am a part of and post on regularly.  Well, I may have put ‘white houses’ in the search bar.  And not long after that, I saw one white home after another that were screaming at me “I am home!!”  The home pictured above is one of the pictures on Instagram by Brandon!

Shall I back up for a moment?!  Give you a bit of a back story about me and my mild obsession?  My story with white houses starts when I was born.  My beloved grandparents Maud and Al Hendley lived on acreage in Atlanta, back then considered out in the country.  Funny thing nowadays, it is considered close in- Atlanta grew… a lot!  Well, this home of theirs was our play place growing up.  They had lots of dogs, horses too.  Collecting lightening bugs was our entertainment, in mayonnaise jars with holes punched in by a doting grandaddy!  Oh, we’d let them go, but it was a the thrill of the hunt.  I had lots of cousins that lived nearby, and we’d spend time over at the grandparents house, parents drinking Miller HiLife in bottles and us drinking Sprite and Coke out of cold bottles.  A beautiful time in my life- all of us truly.  We still get together and reminisce about those childhood memories- lots of guitars and banjoes too!  Boy how I wish I could go back if only for a day… but I digress.  Here are a few old photos of the home on Riverview Road-


The quality isn’t the best, but the memories are!

Here are some white homes that speak to me…

Southern Living Magazine


Ken Harris, Architect

RESA Showhouse, Jacksonville, FL

Alyssa Rosenheck, Photographer


Clarity Farm in Milton, Georgia (photo by me)



  And now for a few more gems from Brandon’s collection on Instagram…

This is probably the one that spoke to me the loudest!!  Even though it is just an elevation drawing, this home is closest to being my idea of our lake house!  Sadly, Brandon told me this one never got built… Maybe mine will resemble this?!

C Brandon Ingram

C Brandon Ingram


Design Details by Brandon Ingram


Brandon’s impeccable attention to details-  classic and timeless!


So, I called and set up an appointment with Brandon.  I wanted my husband to go with me, but he is a busy guy, and besides he trusts me to be able to make the decision of whom we choose to be our architect!  I first met Brandon in his Buckhead office, which looks closer to someone’s cozy, really pretty sitting room with a table to draw houses on.  We chatted, and I had an old fashioned poster board (think middle school project) with pictures cut out of my vision for our new lake home.  Some real pictures we took while in Spring Island, SC.  You can see it below.  So as Brandon looked at that and we talked about what I had in mind, he started rough sketching!  And let me tell you, he kept adding things that I had never thought about!  Seriously, like if you are here, and look to the right, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a small courtyard there with a view out to it.  Things like that.  I had envisioned a home plan, but he started making it come to life in a symbiotic relationship to all the things my heart imagined but couldn’t quite conjure up!  The best of both worlds coming together!  Well, that did it for me- in one hour plus he had drawn my house!!  So we hired Brandon, and just had our first meeting with my husband included this time.  It was a mutually productive meeting in which we all introduced ideas to one another and the time flew by.  Chris, my husband was impressed.  Of course, this made my day!  We went to a local restaurant Brandon had suggested nearby and had a cocktail and appetizer to celebrate!  Here is my idea board, and the ‘rough’ sketch of the first floor-



This is the view from our dock.  It is a 32 X 32′ double decker and we can see for 5 miles down to Lake Lanier Islands.  One of the reasons we are so excited to live here!



And this second picture was taken at our street’s 2018 Dockfest!!  Yep, those are all our neighbors out on boats and jet skis, on docks and on shore listening to our own local band with two of the members being neighbors!!  It was just like being back in college in front of the KA house at the University of Georgia listening to a band play with all your favorite people around you!!  Don’t you want to live here?!  This is part of the reason we are so excited to call the lake our home!


Thanks for stopping by!!  Stay tuned as we progress from plans to construction!




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