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Lake Lanier Logs- Meet the original cabin


I have to admit this journey is one we have been tempted to do for a long time.  But now it is truly upon us and it’s time.  Who is us?  Well, that would be my husband Chris and myself, along with four mostly adult kids (the youngest graduates from high school next June).  You see, we bought what was being sold as a tear-down, and as the saying goes, we put lipstick on our pig!  Yes, it might have been a tear-down in someone else’s book, but not ours.  We first laid eyes on our lake cabin 11 years ago.  All six of us were out previewing real estate for a client of mine (back in my real estate days) and it’s pretty fun to look at lake houses.  So often you walk in and wonder, where is the lake?  Even walking out back, one can wonder the same.  That is not a lake house to me!!  I want to see it when I walk in, diamonds reflecting off the water on the ceiling kind of water!!  So when I asked them all to just bear with me, I had one more to see, they were just fine.  Well, this one happens to be down the street from my cousin Gordy and wife Jennie, and my Uncle Al, my mother Bootsie’s big brother.  Mind you, we were NOT in the market for a lake house.  We were looking for my ‘client’.  So when we pulled up to this ‘cabin’, I was not at all prepared to fall in love… and my husband, being an ‘accountant brain’, certainly wasn’t.  Yet it happened.  Love at first sight- well, for me anyway!  It had great bones, and that is something that either you have or don’t.  No getting around that one.  It smelled like a lake house that had been shut up for years.  As a second house getaway close to our home in Atlanta, it is pretty perfect!  With 4 young kids, we could leave a soccer field or tennis game and all meet up there.  It’s different with kids at a lake house too.  We spent time together, not running errands or off with friends- it was and still is our time- quality family fun and the kids all loved it and do to this day…

Lake house #2BeforeIMG_6382


Lake House #3Before


I love this- that is a before and after not only of the main room, it is my son at age 11 and now, age 23!  Don’t blink as the song says- they grow up quick!!

Why did I, and eventually ‘we’ fall so head over heels?  At the Lake, and particularly Lake Lanier, it is all about the water.  The house can be fixed up or, in our case, eventually torn down.  But if you don’t have wonderful, deep, push your dock out in a drought water, then the house can be fab, but it is the quality of the water that comes FIRST.  This lot had GREAT WATER!!!  So much so that once down to the lake, you can see for miles to big water.  And… only one dock is in our sight path.  The rest is Corp property, meaning the Army Corp of Engineers owns the property, and won’t let anyone touch it, or a tree, or put a dock in.  So basically it’s nature, trees, shimmering diamonds on the water, gorgeousness.  Oh, did I mention it is a point lot? Water surrounds the home and lot so you have water views all around the house!!  Hello love!!  So here is what we did with our little cabin… and the water views!

IMG_6397The only dock we see looking at the big water!

IMG_6438Diamonds on the water

IMG_6391The front, now…


IMG_6383The backyard




IMG_6362The master bedroom, now

Lake house #5The master bedroom, before


IMG_6392This is our view off the back side of the dock.  We have all these amazing neighbors who live for the lake!  Adults, kids, grandkids, dogs… they are all there week days and weekends, stopping by to say ‘hi’ and chat.  You have to love life on the water, but there is something magical to me about lakes!

And then there is my new obsession- Paddleboarding.  My husband got our first board two summers ago.  Then once I tried it, I was completely hooked!  It is crazy amazing- I’m serious!  The word I use to try to describe it is JOY.  It’s so quiet, and you can paddle right up to the shore and look closely at nature.  All around the lake.  And when it is that quiet, you can hear the water slap slapping against the underside of the board.  I got my own board for my 59th birthday!  Thanks to my sweet, considerate husband who I now get to paddleboard with!  It is great exercise too.  You feel it in your legs, arms and core.  Friends have asked me how hard is it to balance and I have to say, not that bad.  It’s surprisingly easier than it looks.  And I will admit here, if I can do it, anyone can- haha.  I don’t have great balance, and trip all the time.  So if you ever get the opportunity to try it, go for it- you will fall in love, promise!



I swear by a rash guard too.  Keeps the sun off of this pale skinned girl, and I get wet before I go so I also stay cool!!

Stay tuned as we plan our new forever home on Lake Lanier.  I am simply giddy with excitement to live on the lake.  I will be sharing our journey as we plan with the architects, hire our builder and get this home built and, the best part of all, decorated!

Cheers, y’all


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