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Moses and the Framers

Hey there, it’s me again!  Well so much has happened since we last visited that I almost need 2 posts to share with you all!  I am going to try to piece together the timeline of pouring the foundation to framing completion.  I mean, it was such a remarkable thing to witness that we were in a state of mild shock daily!


So Chris and I get this picture of the site on Wednesday, March 13… They are finally pouring the foundation after lots of waiting for the rain to stop.   It was the rainiest couple of months since they have been keeping records.  So no one, and I mean no one in the south where we are could do any outdoor site work.  Georgia Red Clay is as slick as ice when it is wet.  So this was indeed a sight for sore eyes.

Here is a shot of Thursday’s progress and they already have a basement up and framed

This is standing on the ground by my Mom Bootsie’s bedroom.  The framers didn’t think twice about walking around on the little ledges.  Never, and I mean never ever would I attempt that!  So agile

Here is a photo I was sent from my darling neighbor, Diane, on Saturday, March 16, actually just 2 days after the foundation was poured and set up!  We were so excited to get up there that Saturday and see it all!

Me standing in the master bedroom taking this picture.  Notice I wouldn’t get close to the edges. Yikes!  Those downstairs ceilings are 10 feet tall so that would be a baaaad fall…But this is the first time we could experience the views we would actually get from the first floor of the house, which is a ranch with a basement.  And we could not get enough of it!  Talk about giddy with excitement!

This is a picture probably from the master closet looking across the grand room to the kitchen and breakfast room, otherwise known as ‘our room’!

Skip to Monday, my site visit.  I actually walked up at just the exact time that they set the first wall in the first floor.  Talk about doing a happy dance!  This was thrilling!


And the second wall.  They build them on the ground and then lift them up.  And this is where you get to meet Moses.  He is the fellow here to the left.  He had been talking to me when he noticed these guys picking up the heavy wall so he ran over to help.  Moses was the lead framer, with 10 other guys helping him.  He was the one with the construction drawings in his hand at all times.  He and his men worked fast and furious.  It was actually extremely entertaining to watch them work.  Fascinating that they all knew exactly what they were doing and worked in a cadence that framed an entire home in 2 weeks.  And I know.  I was there a lot.  They worked as hard as anyone I’ve ever witnessed in my life.  Then they built the roof.  Board by board.  No prefab engineered wood on this site.  It was entirely built by hand with Moses in the lead.  At one point I was walking in the house while they were framing above me.  The house has an expansive roof because of the grand room and dormers.  Moses came running up to me and asked me to get out from under his framers.  He said I could get hurt.  I am grateful to him and quite sure he is right.  Call me crazy but it was that hard for me to stay away!  But I heeded the message.  Thankful for him actually.  Now, when I would walk up to the house, I could hear peels of laughter and the guys yelling back and forth, clearly having fun and entertaining each other, all the while building a serious structure.  Coming up next you will see why this was just so amazing.  My builder pulled two crews to get this house done so we could get dried in and make up for lost days and weeks due to the deluge of rain.

Now you can see the front porch and the three French doors with transoms over them

And now you can see the rear dormers that will open to the grand room- such progress!

Me in the front door… that smile is for my builder walking down the driveway.  I call him ‘Hollywood’ now.  I told him he would be famous some day because he built this house, and he always pulls off his baseball cap and asks if he should get a haircut… of which he has none!!  He tells me it is due to building stress.  I don’t believe it for a minute.  How could anyone not love this process!!  Kidding of course- haha- I am not dealing with his daily stresses.  I am just picking out stuff and watching like a crazed 6 year old boy!  Honestly, though, I could become Bob the Builder.  I do not look forward to this process being over, although I do want to live in my new home with my husband and my mom…

Right in front of you is the garage.  It is partially submerged underground with big foundation walls.  Remember that 40 foot drop from front to back of the site?  Well, this is part of the solution.  But the house nestles back into the land in such a way that it looks almost like it has always been there.  You know how some homes look like they just grew up out of the land?  Yes, that is what this one is trying to do.  It makes me so happy. Here is a reminder of why I love white homes.

This is my beloved grandparents home back in the day on Riverview Road in Atlanta.  I like to think that Palm House is starting to resemble this fine old home… maybe they are kindred spirits.  Don’t you think homes can take on a spirit of love and life unto themselves?  I most certainly do.  Perhaps it is both the land and the home, both made from the earth.  I think my Grandma and Grandad would approve of this new home on the water.  After all it was their home on Lake Burton that inspired this little girl Leslie to love all things “lake”.

Now step inside the grand room.  This is the fireplace wall.  You can still see daylight out the top.  Almost there…

Looking out from the grand room to the lake.  There will be a wide porch out there with three French doors, mimicking the front doors.  This enables you to see clear from the front of the home out back to the lake.  Pretty!

This is a view of the grand room again, this time from the fireplace wall to the kitchen and beyond to my Mom’s suite.  To the right are the front doors and entryway.

My husband Chris is so happy with the whole home.  Here he is showing our daughter the plans from the backyard… and… he has just discovered that the downstairs unfinished area (and it is huge) is a perfect place for a golf simulator!  Oh happy man!

Me and our daughter standing in the pool behind the house.  Well, maybe we are in the pool… we aren’t really sure at this point.  So we are contemplating adding Bocce ball to the backyard.  The kids all love the idea.  What do y’all think?  Yes?  No??  I think it’s a fun idea.  They even have light up balls you can play with at night… I say bring it!

So here you go.  Two weeks.  Eleven men.  One fabulous frame job.

And to end this post, let’s celebrate these crazy hardworking guys!  Moses is to the far left.  I wanted to let them know how much we appreciated their hard work and dedication to our project.  I brought them a catered lunch and a ‘thank you’ cookie.  It was the very least we could do in our tremendous gratitude for these guys, and getting us up and dried in so quickly.  Cheers to Moses and his crew!!  I have a new appreciation for how difficult their jobs are and for how hard they worked as a team.  The BEST out there in my opinion!

My view of these great fellows as I walked back up the driveway… their laughter and fun already starting back up, as well as their well worn boom box!

My final view as I say goodbye to Moses and the framers.  And the cupola they built on that last day.  Pretty spectacular, wouldn’t you say?

Stay tuned to the next post.  It’s a fast pace around here now.  I will also share my inspiration for the decor details.  The really fun part is just beginning!





PS- Here is what is left of Moses’s construction drawings- big smile!




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